Partners – Members of Consortium

Research Group and Consortium – Role and Position within the Project

Palacky University in OlomoucPalacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Law served as the chief coordinator responsible for the management of the whole project. It selected and evaluated the contributions of the other partners and performed the editorial works concerning main research publications in the form of monograph and articles related to the general topic. It played the key role within the organization of the final Conference at the end of duration of the project in Prague but it also participated in workshop in Bratislava and conference in Kiev. Coordinator played the key role in the dissemination of the results (website, publications – book, articles), information to media. On behalf of the Palacky University the three members of the research team participated. The main coordinator of the project and head of research consortium prof. Nadezda Siskova had the main responsibility for the operation of the whole project and managed and coordinated all the project outcomes (both organised by the Palacky University and by the foreign partners). Besides this she did also her personal research work and publish the results of her work. Two young researches widen the research team within the main coordinator institution. Dr. Ondrej Hamulak and dr. Blanka Vitova helped within the preparation and organisation of all events related to the project. They also performed their individual scientific research in the several fields of project specialization. Inclusion of the young researchers helped them to gain experience and skills for the continuation in elaboration of the project topics in the future.
The role of Palacky University as the main coordinator consisted particularly in:

  • Management of the project.
  • Contribution to the main scientific output in the form of book (publication of monographic character) in English.
  • Selection of contributions and supervision of surveys provided by other partners.
  • Editorial works of whole text of the monograph, negotiation with the publisher.
  • Organization of the final Conference held in the Czech Republic (Prague, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Participation in the workshop held in Slovakia (Bratislava).
  • Participation in the Conference held in Ukraine (Kiev).
  • Creation and further operation of the website.
  • Preparation of the two scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Ensuring the publicity of the whole project.
  • Dissemination of the results.
  • The elaboration of the final report.

University of Kiev-Mohyla AcademyUniversity of Kiev-Mohyla Academy and personally prof. Roman Petrov as the member of research consortium played the crucial role as the intermediary subject providing the research group with the direct contact with the Ukrainian academia, public administration, government and judiciary. The inclusion of the partner from the non-member country helped to increase the practical value and influence of the work of consortium and multilateral research group. The Partner form Kiev had the main responsibility for the organisation and management of the conference focused on the Ukrainian experience and practical features of the future association processes. It additionally participated on the all other project events. University of Kiev and prof. Petrov personally managed the organisation of the international conference titled “Preparedness for the Acceptation of Duties of the Association Country in the field of Human Rights, Approximation of Laws and Judicial and Administrative Capacity” in October 2012. Prof. Petrov furthermore participated actively at the other scientific events related to the project held in Bratislava and Prague.

Comenius University in BratislavaComenius University in Bratislava participated within the project by the inclusion of the one experienced member of research consortium (prof. Vlasta Kunova) and one young researcher (dr. Ondrej Blazo) who together included the Slovak experience into the main objectives to the project. Team composed of one experienced and one young scholar guaranteed the variety of views and also continuity of the research.  Both members of the team took main responsibility for the organisation of the first academic event within the project, the academic workshop with the title “EU Law and Human Rights in Education and Civil Sector of the Partnership States” held in Bratislava in May 2012. They both also participated on other academic events related to the project.

University of HeidelbergUniversity of Heidelberg, was involved by the personal participation of prof. Peter-Christian Müller-Graff, one of the most prominent and most experienced scholars in the field of European integration and European Union Law. His role within the project was to serve as senior adviser to the other members of research consortium who provided them with the necessary comments and feed-back. Prof. Müller-Graff also participated on all academic events related to the project and improved the level of debate within each of them.