During the realization of the project members of Consortium have several opportunities to meet and discuss their opinions and present their research outcomes. For that purpose and particularly for the purpose of the promotion of the project and its research objective – the elaboration of the Eastern Partnership – three big academic events in three different countries were organized as the first category of the project outcomes:

The workshop with the title “EU Law and Human Rights in Education and Civil Sector of the Partnership States” took place in Bratislava (3rd, 4th May 2012) under the patronage of the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia. It was organised by the Institute of International Relations and Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava. This forum opened the project and gave floor for the presentations and discussions among representatives (secondary school and university teachers, researchers, members of diplomatic corpus, representatives of the state administration as well as civil sector and NGO´s) from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Belarus and from Member States (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany). The workshop was attended by the approximately 50 participants. The main accent was given to the promotion of the EU integration issues, including the examination of the level of introduction of the EU law and human rights subjects in the curricula of the universities, high and secondary schools of the Partnership states. Workshop brought a chance for the empirical assessment, comparison and recommendations concerning the improving of the education, teaching and training on EU matters and human rights in these countries, using the experience of old and new Member States. Important part of the workshop was the organization of the round-table debate between members of the Consortium. The members of the project team got the opportunity for a tête-à-tête deliberation, management of the roles and duties within the project and presentation for the scientific outputs of their individual research.

The Conference with the title “Preparedness for the Acceptation of the Duties of the Association Country in the Field of Human Rights, Approximation of Laws and Judicial and Administrative Capacity” which was held in Kiev (Kiev-Mohyla Academy, 8th and 9th October 2012) represented the second academic event within the fulfilment of the project goals and outcomes. This event hosted about 100 participants. Conference was organised as the multilateral and multilevel meeting which involved the academics, the representatives of Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, Ombudsman of Ukraine, judges, lawyers and members of NGO´s. The Conference was intended to be the forum for the exchanging of the ideas and experience among the academics and representatives of the judicial bodies and state institutions, which participated (Czech Republic, Slovakia) or are participating (Ukraine) in the process of legal approximation in the Partnership states. This international conference was dedicated to the evaluation of progress in the areas related to the association of the Ukraine with the EU and led to the formulation of general proposals for the future development.  Also in Kiev, the round table debate among the members of the consortium took part of the conference. The members of the project team got another opportunity for the presentation for the scientific outputs of their individual research.

The final great Conference with the title “From the Eastern Partnership to the Association Agreements – the Great Debate” was held in Prague (17th and 18th June 2013). It was organised by the Palacky University in cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and under auspices of the Commissioner for the enlargement Štefan Fülle. The final conference served as the key forum for presentation of the main results in all directions of the scientific research, which had been realised during the project realization. This forum hosted more than 150 participants. It involved the academics from the Member States and from of the Partnership states (Ukraine, Georgia). Besides this the representatives of the state administration, public sector, diplomatic representations a well as representatives of civil sector from Partnership and Member states took place at this forum. This variety of participants helped to gain the multidisciplinary synergy and valuable outcomes of the conference. The Conference was intent to stimulate not only the deepening of the scientific debate in the areas related to the Eastern Partnership among the academics from the Member and Partnership, but also to contribute significantly to the elaboration of the EU strategies. The content of presentations and level of discussions within the conference fulfilled this goal a furthermore led to the creation of proposals concerning the improvement of preparedness of Partner states to take over the EU standards. The conference was concepted to be a final summarization summit which presented the results of the research conducted by members of the Group but at the same time as the as a forum which launch a discussion among academics all over the Europe. In connection with the conference the final round-table debate took place also in Prague (16th June 2013). Meeting of the members of consortium focused exclusively on the articulation of the scientific conclusions, setting the content of the monograph and corrections.